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Longmed Wound Closure Device

Longmed Wound Closure Device

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Weight: 41g

The Longmed Wound Closure Device is designed to effectively close acute wounds, including lacerations and surgical incisions. Its innovative non-invasive technique minimizes tissue trauma, reduces scarring, and promotes patient comfort. By ensuring a tight closure of the wound, Longmed facilitates early and successful healing while also minimizing the risk of wound breakdown. There are numerous benefits to using the Longmed Wound Closure Device, including its suture-free design, which results in less scarring and greater patient comfort. Additionally, the device is quick and easy to use, reduces the risk of wound infection, and is suitable for use with pediatric patients. Finally, the device is easy to remove once the wound has fully healed.

RM 300.00

How To Use

  1. For patients with deep wounds, if necessary subcutaneous suture operation can be performed according to local clinical procedures. See Figure 1
  2. Clean and dry skin around wound, making skin of wound edges as neatly as possible. See Figure 2
  3. Select number of Longmed Wound Closure hasps according to the wound size.
  4. Take [Longmed Wound Closure Device] out from the package. See Figure 3
  5. Hand hold three ends of [Longmed Wound Closure Device], remove the liners. See Figure 4
  6. Position the hasp to ensure the hasp cover the both sides of the wound. Press adhesive tape with finger gently along the direction of the ribbon and to ensure that the adhesive tape sticking firmly on the skin.
  7. Apply enough devices according to the wound degree. NOTE: apply one pair of[Longmed Wound Closure Device] at every 2 mm of the wound.
  8. Using both hands to hold the ribbon of [Longmed Wound Closure Device], and to tighten the hasp gently to close the wound until the hasps are locked.
  9. Cut off long end of the ribbon.
  10. Then apply a suitable secondary dressing to protect the hasps and the site.
  11. Observe the wounds, appropriate dressing if necessary.


To remove: When the wound is healed, lift the adhesive pads to remove the hasps.


10 x Zipper Wound Closure Device (1BOX): 3.15x0.79inch.




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