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Natural Elixirs

Functional supplements are specialized dietary supplements that go beyond basic nutrition, aiming to address specific health concerns. They are formulated to optimize bodily functions and are designed for immune support, joint health, cognitive function, heart health, digestion, weight management, stress management, and more. These supplements are intended to complement a healthy lifestyle, fill nutrient gaps, support health goals, and provide targeted support during times of increased need. With their specific focus on individual health needs, functional supplements offer a tailored approach to wellness. They can be a valuable addition to a comprehensive health regimen, promoting overall well-being and supporting specific health goals.


Flexguard 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Flexguard 350mg
Relieves joint and muscle pain and promotes joint health.
WEIGHT 2gRM 140.00
Garpholide 350MG
Natural Elixirs - Garpholide 350MG
Alleviates fever, cough and cold symptoms.
WEIGHT 100gRM 120.00
Livonic 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Livonic 350mg
Supports liver health and the body’s natural detoxification process.
RM 75.00
Tongkat Ali Plus 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Tongkat Ali Plus 350mg
Enhance the male libido, increases testosterone, energy and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 145.00
Optiman 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Optiman 350mg
Optimises male health, sexual function, brain function and more.
RM 130.00
Nu Femme 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Nu Femme 350mg
Increases the female libido, energy levels, mental alertness, and more at any stage of life.
RM 120.00
Immune Plus 500MG
Natural Elixirs - Immune Plus 500MG
Enhances the immune system, boosts free-radical defense and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 180.00
Black Turmeric Plus 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Black Turmeric Plus 350mg
Remedies digestive tract disorders, poor erection ability in men and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 140.00
Uriprime 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Uriprime 350mg
Promotes natural kidney support and improve urination in men and women.
RM 120.00
Lean Plus 500mg
Natural Elixirs - Lean Plus 500mg
Natural weight reduction, burn calories and promote weight loss.
WEIGHT 100gRM 120.00
Prostate Plus 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Prostate Plus 350mg
Promotes prostate and urinary tract health and function and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 90.00
Ashwagandha 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Ashwagandha 350mg
Relieves stress and anxiety, enhance energy and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 39.90
Moringa Extract 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Moringa Extract 350mg
Boosts the immune system, provides joint support and more.
WEIGHT 100gRM 39.90
Maca Extract 350mg
Natural Elixirs - Maca Extract 350mg
Enhances reproductive health and libido support for men and women, and more.
RM 49.90

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